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  • Shaiful A.

8 South Asian Tiktokers You Should Be Following

It is no secret that Tiktok is one of if not the leading social media platforms today. Its use of video allows content creators to fit all of their ideas into short but functional videos. If you have ever been on Tiktok, you know that the algorithm meticulously feeds a consumer content that they might be interested in. This has allowed content creators with different niches and interests to share what they want while trusting that their target audience will be reached. Like any social media platform, Tiktok has become a space for South Asian content creators to share their work. Whether it be comedic skits, an aesthetic feast for the eyes, culinary content, or anything else-- South Asian content creators are using Tiktok as a useful tool to push out meaningful work. Here are 8 South Asian Tiktokers we think you should be following!


@storiesandcurries or better known to her followers as Sharmin is a content creator who centers her work around Bangladeshi Cuisine. She highlights the complexities and diversity of Bangladeshi Food while telling hilarious and often heartwarming stories about her childhood, family, and even paranormal experiences. Her content will have you laughing, feeling warm, and of course hungry. Be sure to check her out!


Tasmika or @thatgirltas on Tiktok creates beautiful content for Booktok, a corner of the app that focuses on the hobby of reading. Her content highlights South Asian literature, history, and current events. You should definitely be following and supporting her as she is actively occupying space where Black, Brown, and Idegenous literature often goes unrecognized. Be sure to show her some love!


Drisya’s content focuses on fiery dance numbers that pay homage to Bollywood. Recognizing South Asian dancers like Drisya on platforms like Tiktok asserts that South Asian cultures and traditions have a place in the mainstream. So make sure you go and show her your support!


Combining the disciplines of Indian Classical Music and Modern hits-- @hrishisongs makes musical content appealing to the ears of folks living in the diaspora. Not only does he cover songs, but he writes and sings his own music too! Be sure to check him out and listen to his work!


@Veenvelocity’s Tiktok content is a plethora of very aesthetic wellness, make up, and fashion videos which will definitely have you scrolling through her content uncontrollably. Her videos highlight the beauty in everyday life and they are definitely pleasing to the eye.


Pahari’s content is centered around history and anthropological topics. He has amassed a large following simply because he produces informative content that is good. His content spans beyond South Asian topics, he often covers a plethora of different topics from different regions of the world. Be sure to check him out as he has so much to teach is all!


Branson makes hilarious content focusing on his Indo-Caribbean heritage. Whether they are skits or informative videos on Indo-Caribbean culture, his content is worth watching, check him out!


This list could not be complete without Nabela. While she makes a range of content for different social media platforms and has amassed a huge following for it, Nabela is well known on tiktok for her “Pockets of Peace” videos where she urges her followers to find peace in the small things in life. They truly are peaceful and will definitely make you feel warm inside.

Let us know who your favorite South Asian tiktokers are! Be sure to follow Jore on our various platforms!

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