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  • Shaiful A.

6 South-Asian Content Creators You Should Be Following on Instagram

Instagram and other social media platforms have fostered numerous online communities for various niches and interests. Brown influencers have taken online platforms by storm in the recent years, using various artistic and practical disciplines to educate, advocate, and inspire their followers. In an age where media dominates literally everything, South-Asian communities have looked toward creatives who share similar ethnic and cultural backgrounds to feel seen and represented. Instagram, amongst other platforms, has served as an outlet for these creatives and their followers to engage with meaningful content that expresses the beauty of being South-Asian, and celebrates living in various diasporic communities in the West and beyond. While it is hard to encapsulate the wealth of content created by so many talented individuals on this singular platform, here are some of our favorite South-Asian creators that we you should definitely be following:

Anthony O. Gomes

Anthony is a Bengali-American content creator who centers his work around men’s style, dance, and photography. His Instagram includes a number of amazing photoshoots that pay homage to the rich tradition of Bengali fashion, acknowledging the ways in which fashion can be an outlet for cultural expression. His work is not only stunning, but also elevates queer visibility in the brown community. Anthony challenges mainstream perceptions of fashion in relation to traditional ideas of masculinity, essentially “cancelling toxic masculinity” one saree at time.

Insta: @antorvingomes

Hafsa Khan

Hafsa is a Pakistani-American independent artist. Her work examines the intersecting topics of spirituality, poetry, intimacy and pop culture through a blend of digital and traditional artistic disciplines. Her Instagram is adorned with compelling pieces of art that reflect the beauty of South-Asian and Muslim identity, while simultaneously shedding light on the bi-culturalism that comes with being part of a diasporic community. In addition to her beautifully curated Instagram page, her work can be found on her website where she has tons of art pieces, apparel, etc. for purchase. Be sure to check her out and bask in the beauty of her work!

Insta: @hafandhaf

Raisah Salima

Raisah is an Indo-Trinidadian mindset coach and mindful movement teacher based in New York. Her content centers the importance of wellness, spirituality, and self-expression by emphasizing the significance of the mind, body, and soul connection. Following @raisah.salima on Instagram will leave you feeling inspired and full as she takes you on a journey of self-discovery through various mediums such as yoga, meditation, journaling, and fitness. Her content is thoughtful and well organized. In addition to her content on Instagram, you can find out more about the intention behind her work on her website, where she offers various retreats and classes.

Insta: @raisah.salima

Tazin Khan Norelius

Taz is a Bangladeshi-American cyber security specialist and data rights activist. Following her on Instagram is a must as she takes time to break down the importance of cyber security literacy (often emphasizing its relation to Black and Brown folks). In addition to her content on Cyber Security, Taz often talks about bi-cultural identity, interracial marriage, and numerous other pressing topics that are relevant not only to the South-Asian diaspora, but to everyone!

Insta: @techwithtaz

Ankita Bhardwaj

Whether it's her whimsical videos or beautiful photoshoots, Ankita, a Punjabi-Canadian content creator, never fails to deliver aesthetically striking content that will leave you in awe. Her feed delivers looks that are inspired by beloved foods of the Desi community, astrology, and iconic Bollywood moments that she skillfully expresses through fashion, make-up, and accessories. You do not want to miss out on the amazing content she has to offer!

Insta: @ankita.creates

Qais Essar

If you are a fan of melodious tunes, you must follow @q_essar, an Afghan-American Rababist. His Instagram page consists of lovely musical renditions through the vehicle of his Rabab. He has composed a number of albums and, most notably, composed the song “The Crown Sleeps” for the 2017 animated film The Breadwinner. In addition to his jam sessions on Instagram, more of his work can be found on his website where you can purchase his albums—digitally or even on vinyl!

Insta: @q_essar

Do you have a favorite South-Asian content creator we might have missed? Feel free to let us know and be sure to interact with Jore on our various platforms!

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