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About Us

Jore is an digital media platform for the diaspora, by the diaspora.


As one of the first online publications for all South Asians, we feel as though it is our duty to create a centralized platform that brings you diverse perspectives and insights on some of the major topics that seem to be missing for our diaspora.


These include entrepreneurship, social activism, diaspora news, fashion, history, culture and more.


Jore (জোরে) in Bangla translates to loud and that is what we plan to be!


As a publication that looks to amplify the voices and people in our global South Asian community. We are the leading media movement seeking to uplift our South Asian diaspora.


Jore is meant to be loud and expressive, so join us and enjoy our content as we create the movement.

The Team

Sahmi Chowdhury - Co-Founder, CEO

Sahmi is a Bangladeshi-American who was born in Boston and grew up in Kuwait from the ages of 5 to 18. He returned to the United States to attend Northeastern University where he double majored in finance and marketing. It was also during this time that he began to question his own identity, and as a result, decided to deepen his understanding and appreciation for the stories, history, culture, and community of the South Asian diaspora. He currently lives in New York and works in fintech. Sahmi can be hard to locate as he travels frequently, with some of his favorite cities being Amman, Medellin, and San Diego. On the off chance that he is home, he can be found in the kitchen cooking chicken tikka mac and cheese or prepping a plate of fushka, with either NFL Redzone or NBA League Pass playing in the background.

Mashiat Mutmainnah - Co-Founder, Creative Director

Mashiat is a Bangladeshi global citizen, born in Dhaka and raised between Kuwait and Canada. True to her nomadic lifestyle, she studied in the US at UC Berkeley, majoring in Applied Maths and Economics. Being a third (possibly fourth) culture kid, her identity has always been a mystery. She is starting to rediscover herself by capturing the stories of South Asian diaspora history, entrepreneurship and immigrant experiences around the world. Currently, she is hibernating up in Toronto, works at a Silicon Valley startup by day and tries to write 2000 words by night. She is a Chloe Ting stan, an aspiring animator and a certified biryani enthusiast (DM for her latest Afghan Pulao recipe!)

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